Total number of calendars: 35/38 completed, 3 left




(completed) Traditional

(completed) Mystery

(completed) Micro

(completed) Other

(completed) Small

(completed) Skåne

(completed) D1.5

(completed) T1.5

(completed) 1.5/1.5

(completed) D2.0

(completed) T2.0

(completed) Attribute - Available at all times

(completed) Attribute - Bicycles

(completed) Attribute - Dogs

(completed) Attribute - Parking available

(completed) Attribute - Recommended for kids

(completed) Attribute - Takes less than an hour

(completed) Attribute - Stealth required

(completed) Attribute - Park and grab

(completed) Regular

(completed) D2.5

(completed) D1.0

(completed) Attribute - Available during winter

(completed) Attribute - Stroller accessible

(completed) Attribute - Short hike (less than 1km)

(completed) 2.0/2.0

(completed) Attribute - Public Transportation

(completed) Attribute - Motorcycles

(completed) Typ

(completed) T2.5

(completed) Multi

(completed) T1.0

(completed) Attribute - Wheelchair accessible

(completed) Attribute - Scenic view

(completed) D3.0